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January Lynn

"This is a dedication to my mum who has been one of my biggest music influence as an artist and performer." Leander Morales


In the 1960s the Folk explosion was just happening in New York and among the greats of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan and Richie Havens, some artists didn't reach the heights of fame. Not because they were unlucky or not good enough but to some, the freedom of expression and the adventure was enough.  January Lynn was singer/songwriter and performer. She was a free spirit and here is a part of her story...

January Lynn (aka Jeanette Morales) was born in New York on June 14th 1947. Her father Ralph Morales was in the US Navy but also played the drums in a meringue band. January and her family are Puerto Rican.


In the 40s/50s, New York was one of the largest multicultural cities in the world at that time, with Spanish, Italian, African, Irish, English and Native American's living in and around New York. If there was one thing that they would bring everyone together, It would be a love for music.  


As a young teenager January self-taught herself guitar and had a passion for singing and music in general. She performed the coffee houses across New York and Long Island, she joined a group of musicians and went off accross the states on a road trip to Canada where she performed shows along the way.


January's life was about adventure and this was nothing short of an adventure. She gave birth to a son in Ohio in 1970 with her 1st husband Jerry Opfer (Another musician.)


In the early 70s January flew to France, performing a few shows in Paris and hopped across to London's buzzing music scene where she continued performing in the bars and clubs across the city.  


January Lynn was hailed a great artist and singer/guitarist but she refused to “Sell Out”, seeing the record industry as a place that would only detach her from her creativity and freedom as an artist and mother. Among her UK highlights, she appeared in National magazine, Melody Maker and performed at the Marquee Club’s “Spare Rib” concert for woman’s rights, playing alongside “Joan Armatrading”.


In 1974 January gave birth to her second son and at the time, like many artists of that period, was living in a commune in East London. (Or a squat to some) - She was now married to her husband Zak. He was firmly embedded into the live music scene as well as working as a chef.  


Having had her third son in the late seventies, “Leander”, January decided that being a mum at home for her children was now the most important and rewarding ambition in her life.


In 1976 she moved with her husband to live in Wiltshire, UK with her two children, prior to the birth of her third son Leander in 77.


In 2006 January Lynn returned to the United States to retire in Florida with her husband Frank.


As for Zak (Leander's dad.) -

That's another story in itself. You'll have to wait for that one!

Marquee club Bitter end

January Lynn appeared at this famous venue in Greenwhich Village in 1962/63.

January Lynn performed here for woman's rights group "Spare Rib" sharing the bill with Joan Armatrading.